Friday, August 16, 2013

On a losing streak? Read this.

     There's nothing profound here. Just the simple fact of life that everything changes. You know it's true. And so if you're on a losing streak, guess what, it has to change because nothing stays the same in this world.
     Of course it's easy to deny the fact that life is constant change. And you can deny that you will inexorably get out of your losing streak. I knew a guy who so thoroughly convinced himself that he was "born under a bad star" that he ended up dead in the gutter in his twenties. That's how powerful our minds can be in convincing us that things will never change.
     But don't buy it. Just think and stay aware that life is change. Your situation will improve because it has to.
     So does this mean you do nothing? No. It means you do everything you can to accelerate the inevitable change that is on its way. But believing that that change has to come is a critical first step.
     Stuck where you're at? Not for long. Believe it!

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  1. Thanks for the blogpost. It reminded me of the Buddhist tenet that winter always turns to spring.


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