Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life without God just isn't fun.

     It's certainly possible to live your life without God, but that's just such a dull way to live. (I mean, obviously there's other considerations besides that, but that's a mighty big one.) Plod along with reason. Like the Supertramp song says: "Grab onto what you can scramble for." What a grind. No fun at all.
     God's exciting.
      Not always predictable. Sometimes really hard. But living your life with God in it is a thrill a minute.
      I was laughing as I wrote that last line. Not because I didn't mean it, but because I think it's true, and because I think it's pretty wild that it is.
     If you want challenge, invite God into your life. He will not disappoint. And why carry the whole burden of the world on your shoulders. Slough it off. Give it to God. He'll hand back the portion you can handle.
     And then, live free and easy. Knowing you don't have control but having peace because you know God does.

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