Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Living at warp speed.

     I'm not talking about burning the candle at both ends. But I am talking about living at 100%. They've done studies. You can have massive amounts of exertion but you need sufficient periods of time to recover. But that's here nor there for this post. This post is about entering a new dimension, a new realm, via your own effort.
     The writer Phillip K. Dick talked about it in his Exegesis. By living fully, IN WHATEVER STATE OF LIFE WE FIND OURSELVES, we can live in a state of ecstasy.
     Is your life in a state of ecstasy? Well, if it's not, don't look at Dick's claim as being false. Look instead at whether or not you're living fully.
     And it's so cool—isn't it?—that we don't have to be sitting on a throne or on the cover of a magazine to experience this exalted state of being. You could be anybody, anywhere, doing anything and as long as you're living fully you can have the most satisfaction any human being who has ever lived or will ever live on this earth can have.
     But again, it comes back to living fully. Check this out from a foreword for the book The Divine Milieu by  Teilhard de Chardin. Now the foreword is by a French priest, Pierre Leroy, (Chardin was a French priest, as well) so his language is  cloaked in religious terms but the principle of living fully is still there.

From a continually reinvigorated search for God he (Chardin) drew fresh stores of tenacity. There was nothing petty nor rigid in this tension of will towards union, but an effort renewed from day to day—God knows in the midst of what struggles—to steep himself in the divine presence, without which he counted everything as vanity; and at the same time he saw that, in PUSHING HUMAN ASPIRATIONS TO THE MOST DARING EXTREMES, MAN MAY ASCEND TO THE HEIGHTS. (my caps)

     If you need something a little closer to home how about the Jackson Browne song "Redneck Friend."

Honey you shake and I'll rattle and we'll roll on down the line 
We're going to forget all about the battle 
It's gonna feel so fine 
'cause he's the missing link, the kitchen sink-- 
Eleven on a scale of ten 
Honey let me introduce you to my redneck friend 

Honey you shake and I'll rattle and we'll roll on down the line 
I'm going to try to swing you up into my saddle 
And then we'll run but you'll think we're flyin' 

     There you go. Living "eleven on a scale of ten." And where does that get you? "You'll think we're flyin'."
     So it doesn't matter who you are, what you do. Just live fully and the magic is yours.

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