Saturday, March 19, 2016

Are you getting what you want (even the bad things) out of life?


I was glancing through this book's description (I can't recall the book) and came across something like: 'No matter what you may think, you are getting what you want in life.'

I thought, 'Oh, absolutely no way is that true!' But then I thought about it. (I find that things that upset me terribly are often true.) Well, maybe it could be true just a little bit, I relented.

I certainly think it's true for other people. LOL So often I see people struggling with problems or issues that could be seemingly relatively easily overcome but the people just don't. And after enough years of seeing that sort of thing, I start wondering, Well, maybe that's the way they want to be. 

I have a friend that has worked fourteen-hour days for years and years and years. And for years and years and years she's complained about how terrible and unfair it is that life treats her thusly. Well, this is a professional person who could do just about anything she wants work-wise, including cutting back her hours. But no, the years keep rolling by and she keeps working the long hours and keeps complaining.

This sort of thing is, of course, harder to see when it applies to oneself. But think about it. What things have you struggled with for years that you should've been able to overcome in a relatively timely fashion? Yes, your conscious mind screams that you don't want to live that way. But when you really get gut-level honest with yourself, isn't there something that you're getting out of living that way?

I know it's true for me. (Honesty is a painful thing sometimes. But a necessary thing if we're going to change.)

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