Friday, March 4, 2016

Is your glass half-full? (It should be empty.)

You always hear the proverbial question, 'Is your glass half full or half empty?' I don't think either answer is optimal. At least if you want to receive. If you want to receive, your glass should be empty.

To stay with the glass analogy, if you have a glass and it's full, absolutely to the top, can you pour any more into it? Of course not. Same goes for life. If you've got it all figured out (ie. if your glass is full), if you know just who you are and where you're going and exactly how to live, well, you are not going to be able to receive anything at all. What you might have received is spilling out of the glass. 

Think of a closet. If it's stuffed with clothes, where can you put new ones? And if you'll let me get a little 'law of attraction-ish' on you I can relate a personal example. I once had a really full closet. Well, I decided to give a bunch of the clothes in it away. Two weeks later I, from out of the blue, got a package from my brother in Florida. It was a bunch of clothes (really nice stuff) he wasn't wearing anymore.

In Buddhism the masters practice what is called 'new mind.' It's having a mind that is not clogged with beliefs, ideas, preconceptions and convictions. It's a mind that's new, empty, ready to receive.

And so if you want to get a lot from the universe, stay empty, stay new, keep that glass of yours empty and you'll be amazed at how things will come your way to fill it up.


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