Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pseudo spirituality anyone?

There is such a craze today about spirituality. Yoga, meditation. Then in the arts: zombies, werewolves, shape shifters, Harry Potter. Everything but the real thing. Hmm. Wonder why.

I have a theory. People sense that there is spiritual power out there. There is. But they want power they can control. Not Power that can control them. Hence, they will go to any lengths to get that spirituality but stop just short of the line that has them surrendering control.

Like the term 'Lord.' People want to be Lords, not have a Lord.

So round and round people play with pseudo spirituality. Harmless enough, right? Like kids playing make-believe.

I'm not so sure. Because see, there is a real spirituality. With big time stakes. And I think the distraction pseudo spirituality provides keeps a lot of people away from the real thing.

I like pseudo spirituality stuff. It can be fun to think about humans having super powers or zombies or whatever. I'm just not losing track of the real thing, because that's where the real power is.


  1. What about spirituality tied to a "sense, or knowing" about any given situation. Real or fake, desired or not? Dreams with guidance? Is this pseudo or the way help comes to us?

  2. I don't know. You're right about that sense of knowing. I think it's the stuff that's clearly pseudo that can be dangerous.

  3. It never bothered me before. Recently though, I notice it everywhere. It's as if people have gone into overdrive and it gets thrown at one from every conceivable direction. So something's up. And I also don't doubt for a second there's a sense of knowing either, I just know where mine comes from, and it isn't from a zombie.... Interesting topic this. I watch mediums and all sorts on Investigation Discovery. The whole time I get this feeling that somehow it's a trick, but like magic done really well, I can't say how it's done.

  4. Interesting comment. Thanks. I agree it's everywhere. Paranormal romance. Sci-fi. You name it. 'Like magic done really well.' I agree, as well. Pseudo spirituality is done really well. Therein lies its appeal. People thus get a touch, a sense of the real spirituality, and it thrills them. But the real thing lies just out of reach.


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