Thursday, May 31, 2018

Why I don't like reading modern books

I developed an interest in Isaac Newton. Then I came across this book called Dark Matter by Philip Kerr, which is a fictionalized story of Isaac Newton's life. Issac Newton—the apple falling on his head guy. Mathematician. Scientist. He discovered Calculus. A towering intellect, a scientific genius.

Okay, a little bit about my reading interests. I don't like reading sleazy stuff. It's just not my thing. And I don't write it either. A couple of my books have some sex stuff, but it's always pertinent to the story and never explicit or titillating. Same thing with profanity—my books don't have any profanity. I don't like to read it, so I don't write it.

But back to Dark Matter. Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton! Certainly there wouldn't be anything sleazy in a book about Isaac Newton, right? Guess again.

217 pages into the book it got really sleazy. And so now I've invested a lot of time, and I want to know what's coming. But if I want to continue, I have to read trash. Nope. Not for me. At this point I don't trust the author anymore. I put the book down.

That's why I wish books had ratings like movies. But at least, for the most part anyway, it's safer to read older books. They just don't have the sleaze modern books have.


  1. The problem with movie ratings is that they associate age with maturity. The number of revolutions around Sol you have celebrated really does not count once a human reaches the age of school attendance. Awesome learners up to that point, too many kids are "dumbed-down" by educational bureaucracy. And those so afflicted are unlikely to ever read books unless totally unavoidable.

    The underaged movie goers can always finesse the system.

    Drooling knuckle-draggers, meanwhile, have figured out that if the movie rating warns of extreme violence and frequent nudity, then that is what counts, not the number of assigned stars.

    What was the topic of this blog? Something about books?

  2. Yeah, I think it was about books but I got carried away with your interesting comment. Thanks.


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