Thursday, July 5, 2018

How I single-handedly changed VISA corporation

It's true! I single-handedly changed VISA! How? you ask. (Well, okay maybe not out loud but in your mind.) Well, I'll tell you.

For months I kept dutifully paying my VISA bill. Boring. But it had to be done. Well, finally the boredom got so bad I remember one day really examining the VISA statement. I noticed that in one little area it said:

List changes below

Well, of course, they meant address changes or other changes that would apply to my account. But they didn't say that. Ha ha.

They just said:

List changes below

So I wrote in the allotted space:

Bought a new toothbrush

And then on the next month's bill (again in the allotted space under 'List changes below') I wrote:

Lost five pounds

And as the months (and statements) rolled by I continued to inform VISA corporation of all the little changes in my life. I must admit I figured I probably wasn't being heard, but it felt good being able to share my life with at least something that wanted to know what sort of changes I was going through!

But then one day lo and behold a VISA statement came and rather than it reading:

List changes below

it read:

List address changes below

And I knew then that I had single-handedly changed VISA! Ha ha. Oh sure, it had taken a while, but it felt so good to know that I had the power to change a mega-corporation!


  1. Your technique was pretty-much how many folk use Twitter. Too Much Information reaching out to the oblivious, and finally connecting to the one individual on the planet who has the authority to engineer a change on the VISA form. You just know that if the President were to read it, he would inform the denizens of the Twit Universe that it was Fake News.

    1. Ha ha. Thanks. I don't know about being considered Fake News, though. LOL

  2. Lovely. Though, I would rather read your life changes monthly than the boring things one expects to find!

  3. Seriously...VISA? Of course that's right up my alley!


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