Sunday, July 7, 2013

Frustration is a killer.

     Anybody dealing with frustration out there? Man, I feel like I've been enduring enough frustration for ten million lifetimes. You know, isn't it supposed to be that life gets easier as you go along? I don't know, sometimes it really doesn't seem that way. It's like the question I'm thinking is, when is it going to get better? When am I going to be able to breathe a little easier? When will life cease to be such a struggle.
     Dealing with frustration is  hard as hell. It takes all the nervous energy out of you. I've had so much frustration in my life that I'm starting to think that dealing with frustration has to be part of the Divine plan for my life. I mean, sure, everybody has some frustration in their life, but I have had so much of it. It's a nearly daily occurrence. Now I'm not whining. I'm just making an observation: some people's lives are burdened by massive frustration.
     Maybe you're one of those people too. (I really kind of hope you're not.) But really could the frustration be developing something in us that could not be developed in any other way? That's what I'm thinking. I don't know if you would call that something intestinal fortitude or toughening up or whatever, but I believe something good must be coming from enduring all this frustration.
     My life has become, like I said, a nearly daily battle with it. I've come to expect it. (Not in a bad way or self-fulfilling prophecy kind of way.) Yes, I expect it, but even so, when it comes I'm not happy about it. I'm not like, 'Oh great, here's today's installment of frustration, which will benefit me in some obscure way that I don't entirely understand just yet.' No, I'm like, 'Oh crap. Here it is again.'
     But you endure it. Either that or cave into it. And I'm no caver. You endure and know that good stuff eventually will come from it.

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