Friday, July 5, 2013

Where are you at in the tunnel?

    Everybody knows the analogy. Life is like a tunnel. You just have to keep chipping away until you break through to the other side? But how do you know where you're at in the tunnel? And if you knew, would you want to continue? ("You have five thousand MILES to go.") So hefting one shovelful of dirt after another, exhausted, surrounded by darkness, what do you do?
     I know what I often feel like doing in that situation: GIVING UP! But if you're anything like me you can't give up, and I'll tell you why.
     Because what if, just what if, I gave up right on the edge of breaking through? You know, if that happened, that might be too painful to live with.
     Nobody knows how far they have to go. And so many things can go wrong to stop a person from breaking through (reaching their goal). Sickness, accident, old age and yes, death.
     But the glory is in keeping on while you can! THAT is the glory. Not the breakthrough, not achieving your  goal. Yes, when you keep plugging away when it looks like nothing is ever going to work out in your life, that's when you are living your life like a giant on this earth.
    Somebody said, 'What's 80 or even 100 years of intense effort. It'll be over soon enough and then eternity takes over.' Yep, it's a blip no matter how long you live.
     Is life going against you? Are you sick? Are you depressed? Have you failed and failed and failed for what seems like FOREVER?
     Don't you dare quit. RIGHT NOW you are walking in GLORY. Stay the course. Stay the course.

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