Monday, July 22, 2013

If you try to please everybody you'll end up a nobody.

     Everybody wants you to be a certain way. "Be like Mike" was a slogan for a TV commercial. Your parents want you to live this way. Your friends want you to live another. So and so didn't like that you did this. This one didn't like that.
     If you lived the way everybody wanted you to live, you would be out of your mind in no time flat.
     So what do you do? You live your life your way. If people approve or like you, it's a bonus. If they don't, oh well. Jimi Hendrix has a song called "I'm The One." Here's an excerpt:

I'm the one who's gonna die, 
When it's time for me to die 
Live my life the way I want to 
They're your boots you gonna stand in, 
It's your skin that you're stranded, 
No one else has a hand 
In what fate has commanded, 
It's your soul that is crammed in 
And your brain is rammed in. 
Your life, you have to plan it, 
No one else will do the program, 
So imagine, why people 
Want in your soap opera, improper, 
How best friends will 
Always try to stop ya 
Sit back and relax 
In your lazy-boy rocker 
Make them the ones to ponder 
On how they're gonna stop ya 
Well it's always a shame 
When it's time to pass the blame, 
You take it frame by frame 
When it's time to play the game, 
And no it's never the same 
When it's them that's in the rain, 
When it's you who gets the cane 
It's you who feels the pain, 
Or the stain, 
When you are faced down in the grass, 
So everybody gather around 
And raise your glass 
Cuz no one's gonna die your death 
When it's time to pass 
So live like you feel 

     So yeah, when the end comes for you, where are all those "influencers" going to be? That's right. Out living their lives. Doing what they want.
    And not only that. You are going to be full of self-recrimination for having been influenced by them and not having done what you wanted.
    There is a book called Go For It by Irene Kassorla. I couldn't find my copy or what I was looking for within the book online, but the book has this section called "the 500 year plan." I shall paraphrase it (with my apologies to the author):

Do you have 500 years to live? That's nice. You should spend the first hundred years living for your parents. They gave you life, after all, and it would be nice to please them. The next hundred years, live for your friends. They've done nice things for you and it would be good of you to pay them back. The next hundred live for your church. They're all so giving and they helped with your spiritual development. Yes, live that hundred for them. The next hundred you should live for anybody at all who has given you advice. Hey, they've taken the time and have really strong opinions for how you should live so you should listen to them.


     You do what you want, you live the way you want, and you do it NOW! (Don't let anyone steal a billionth of a second of your short time here!)

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