Thursday, February 14, 2013

Change from the inside out.

     That's the key. Changing from the inside out.
     The trap is to think the opposite. Oh, I better do this or I better do that. Look how long I've been procrastinating on this or that. I really should...

     Well, maybe you should do this or that, and maybe you should get going in your life— but the way you're going to do that is by changing on the inside first.
     Oh, there's a place for motivating yourself, but without an inner solid core, without a strong integrity and self-esteem, even if you do motivate yourself, it will be very short-lived.
     Look at New Years resolutions. I go to the health club near my house. More in the winter when the weathers bad, but in the non-summer I'm there two to three times a week. Well, Thanksgiving comes along and the regulars are there in the health club. Christmas, yep, the regulars are there. But then comes New Years and— POW— the health club is jammed! But not for long. After a couple of days the resolution people are already fading. Within two weeks they're all gone.
     Are they lazy? No! They're well intentioned. But they are lacking the "innards" to back up their resolution.
     Want to get your life on track? Want to kick it into a higher gear?
     Get after the insides. Strive. Stretch yourself. Read. Listen to good music. Do everything to get the most out of yourself. Seek edification. Help someone. Pray. Push yourself to the limit.
      And when you wake up the next day, I guarantee you that you will be a new person. A stronger person. A person with more depth. With more of the "innards" to back up those well intentioned resolutions.
     You can do it.

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