Saturday, February 23, 2013

The sickening feeling of having to start all over again.

     What happens when you thought you were further along only to be rocked by the fact that you are at ground zero, the starting line, the absolute beginning. It can be a real eye opener, can't it?

     I feel like I'm there right now. At least I do with my attempt to write e-books. Oh my God. All the technology out there that some authors have used so massively. It seems like every author I look at on Twitter has over 10,000 followers. I have five.
     Or this blog. I see so many blogs that look like Las Vegas: so sophisticated, ads, flashing stuff, links galore. In comparison mine looks like Davenport, Iowa. (My apologies if anyone is from Davenport.)
     But what the hell. Am I going to crawl into a hole and die? Not a chance. It hasn't been easy, no, but I'm making a start. One little step at a time. (Did the people now so wonderfully established do it any other way?)
     So grit your teeth and make a start. It doesn't matter how small a start it is, just do something. Then tomorrow you won't be at ground zero any more. And the next day you'll be a little further along. Hell, if anybody would've told me a year ago I'd be e-formatting my novels and blogging and all the other stuff I've been doing I wouldn't have believed them. I really wouldn't have.
     I look down the road and honestly, it still looks like I've got SO FAR to go. And I'm fifty-six. (A part of me feels like I should be ending my journey, not beginning it.)
     But I'll make it. And things can go fast. Really fast. But I had to make a start. So what the hell, get started yourself. We can walk down this road together. It'll be fun, and I'll be glad for the company.

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