Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lightning can strike your soul too.

     All this talk about growth and change being 'little by little.' Well, for the most part it's true. But then again it's also true that growth can be explosive, instantaneous.

     Everybody knows the story of Jesus walking on the water. True enough, it's an amazing story. But in my mind there's an even more amazing story right there that many people miss.
     It's in the Gospel of John. You know the story. The disciples are out in a boat and a storm comes up. They see Jesus walking on the water and they're frightened by him, but he tells them not to be afraid. Then it says the disciples were glad to take Jesus into the boat and IMMEDIATELY the boat reached the shore where they were going.
     I think people are just so thrilled about Jesus walking on the water that they miss this. And think about it: the moment Jesus gets into the boat, the boat supernaturally is transported to where it was headed.
     I believe that story is a metaphor for our lives. If we invite Jesus into our life (our boat), our life can IMMEDIATELY be thrust forward to where it should be.
     No waiting. No delays. No dillydallying. God's supernatural power can trump all that. IMMEDIATELY.
     What are you waiting for?

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