Thursday, February 28, 2013

Boundless energy is yours.

     'I'm tired.' 'I'm not up to it.' 'Maybe later when I feel better.' Any of these sound familiar?
     I'm not doubting that you believe those statements are true when you say them, but that does not make them true.
     Our psyches become so burdened with so much baggage as we grow up that, quite honestly, who we think we are and who we really are can become two completely different people. The key is to starve the former and feed the latter. Question and challenge the former and embrace and celebrate the latter.

     Our mind, our souls, are not fooled. Maybe consciously we can get away with fooling ourselves, but never unconsciously. Dreams are a great window to that unconscious. How many times do we have a dream that seems to be entirely contradictory to the way we feel consciously. You think, 'I love my friend Mary.' But then you have a dream that Mary is a phony, and you actually have feelings of hatred toward her.
     You wake up thinking, 'What a crazy dream. That made no sense.'
     Ah, look closer at your relationship with Mary. Delve and you will see that your unconscious does not lie.
     Despite dreams often being highly symbolic and partially derivative from the waking days' events, they are indeed more reliable than our conscious minds in indicating who we are, and especially how well we are being are true selves.
    Dreams (nightmares) will often indicate something terribly wrong in our waking life, all the while we, consciously, are thinking that everything is fine. Once again, pay attention to your dreams. They have much to tell you, and the information they convey is priceless because it is untainted by our conscious mind's filters.
     Our psyches encourage us in directions that are healthful for us. The energy we produce when doing various activities gives us an indication of how "right" a particular activity is for us. It's not what we "should" be doing (think of an unpleasantly emotionally charged holiday meal you feel forced to attend) that produces high energy, it's what's good for us. Or how about a job that you just absolutely hate. There are reasons for that dissatisfaction. Find them. Explore them. Consider alternatives.
     So pay attention to your energy. And not just on a moment-to-moment basis. Study which activities bring you alive long-term. Then purse those activities. Experiment.Tweak.Your psyche will respond to what's healthful to it.
     Don't let how you may seem to others deter you. If you are fed, if you are emotionally alive when pursing an activity that may not be socially en vogue or politically correct, keep going! The strength of your soul must be stronger at those times than the collective disapprobation of others. Do what feeds you. Do what deepens you. Do what energizes you.

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