Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What matters most.

     I just gotta say something. All these blogs. All these forums. All these websites. That are all just about making money, getting readers. Now I'm not saying it's not important to have a livelihood, but you can't neglect the rest of your life either. People hustle around at their jobs, in their businesses or their writing careers— and sometimes it's great fun. And there's nothing wrong with that— as long as you don't lose an eye toward what's really important.
So many people that lose that perspective of what's important churn along until one day they go to the doctor and they get that diagnosis that no one ever wants to get. THEN they start thinking about 'what life is all about,' about what's really important. No way am I waiting for that day. I'm thinking about what's important now. And what's important is the love you have for other people and the love they have for you. And feeding your soul. And being happy.
     I'm a writer and yeah, I'd like to sell books. But I'm a human being first and I'd rather grow as a human being and maintain my integrity and feed my soul and love and be loved by my friends and family than write shlocky fiction about serial killers crawling around in ventilation ducts or S&M. I'm writing stuff that's meaningful to me and, hopefully, to others. Sure, what I write will be entertaining as hell, but it'll be moving too. It'll change you, deepen you.

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