Friday, February 15, 2013

What happened to your fire?

     Wasn't there a day in your past when you were just burning with life? The world was yours to conquer, to enjoy, to improve. You were confident, perceptive, alive to life's endless beauty and potentialities.
     What happened to that person?

     Something did. Something happened that knocked you from that splendid perch you were on, that perch you deserve to be on, that is the birthright of every human being. The fact of the matter is something caused you to give up. Oh, maybe only a little, but enough to knock you off the path of your true destiny. But what caused you to give up?
    A disappointment of some sort perhaps. A betrayal by a close loved one soured you to trusting others. An illness. Someone was brutal to you. Trusted people lied. A divorce. Death of a loved one. Job loss. Whatever it was, at some point something got in between that on-fire person you used to be and who you are now.
    But here's the deal— you can get back to that person you used to be. You can get that fire back!
    Marcus Aurelius wrote in his Meditations:

To recover thy life is in thy power. Look at things again as thou didst use to look at them; for in this consists the recovery of thy life.

     That on-fire person you used to be is still in there! You've still got it. You can still do it. You can win!
     But you have to dig deep to get back to that person. A lot has gone down since you used to be him or her. But the great things is YOU CAN DO IT.
     How? You know how. You do your best. You REALLY try. Not, oh, that was good enough. Or, oh, I don't really want it that much. No, you do your BEST. Your absolute best.
     And so maybe life's really knocked you down. Maybe you're sick or maybe you're depressed. Well, you know what, you can still do your best. If you can't do certain things, okay, but DO WHAT YOU CAN. And keep doing what you can. And keep doing what you can. And little by little you'll be able to do more, and little by little the Universe will acknowledge your effort and help you. And little by little that fire will return to your soul.


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