Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Act Now

Act now— there's no "later." If I could go back, I wouldn't talk as much about writing a book— I'd write it. Don't wait around for anyone. Do whatever you can yourself. If you wait you'll be dead.
     The above is on a little newspaper clipping I carry around in my wallet. I tried to find out who said it but couldn't. The message is special to me. And one I need to be reminded of again and again.
     You know, for every idea out there, there's a nearly opposite idea that is just as valid. I'm a big believer in preparation and getting ready and training. But I'm also just as big a believer in the notion that there comes a time to let go of all that training and ACT.
     You prepare and you prepare and you prepare. You can hide out in endlessly preparing. It's safe and you can rationalize that 'one day' I'm really going to make it big in the world. And again, preparation can be a good thing, but sometimes you just gotta turn it loose.
     Are you an adult? Consider this:

Besides death and birth, the onset of adult life surely qualifies as the big enchilada of all defining moments. Whatever else adulthood may represent, it signals the completion of the long apprenticeship, the end of the process of preparing to face the world on your own. NOW IT'S TIME TO MAKE GOOD ON ALL THAT PREPARATION. (caps mine)
from Your Own Worst Enemy by Kenneth W. Christian

Or how about this:

...we were created to achieve our aspirations rather than simply circle them.
from Deepak Chopra's Golf for  Enlightenment.

     Now you might be in a legitimate building or training period. Only you can know if you are. But if you're hiding out in endless preparation, STOP IT! Like the quote said: ACT NOW. Make good on all that preparation. Go for the glory. Make some thunder of your own!


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