Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's a day for self resurrection.

     Happy with your life? Satisfied with all you've done so far? This post is not for you.
     This is for people who want more. People who want to stretch. Who want to re-create themselves. Who want to come back from the dead. Who want to self resurrect. From the poet Rumi ("Shreds of Steam"):

Two or three of the long dead wake up.
Two or three drunks become lion hunters.

     Yeah! Why the hell not. Have you been beaten up in life? Things haven't worked out? Well, friend, it's your time to have some of the good stuff. It's time for success. It's time to come back from the dead. The embers of dissatisfaction are in you (otherwise you would've stopped reading at the cut-off point). But you say, 'I've been failing for so long.' Or 'I've been so depressed for so long.' Sounds to me like you've been "long dead" like in Rumi's poem. Hey, you breathing? You've got enough to turn things around. You've got enough to resurrect.
     This from the writer Robert Graves:

To bring the dead to life/ Is no great magic.
Few are wholly dead:/ Blow on a dead man's embers /And a live flame will start.

     I don't know how many times I've felt like my life was never going to work out. Whether health crises or failure or depression. But I never gave up. And I won't give up. I may be pretty close but I'm not "wholly dead." And I'm not putting any limits on how far I can go in terms of resurrecting myself either. I too can become a lion hunter.
     Yep, you've got the "dead man's embers" or you wouldn't be reading this. Time to start blowing on them. Now.

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