Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time is running out.

     If you live another hundred years it's going to go by in a flash. It's a blip in terms of eternity. So what are you going to do with that blip?
     Bruce Springsteen has a song called "Badlands." One of the lyrics is:

I don't give a damn for the same old played out scenes
I don't give a damn for just the in-betweens.
Honey I want the heart, I want the soul, I want control right now.

      That's how I feel about life. It's a blur. So why would you waste a single second? Don't get me wrong. I've wasted tons of time in my life. But not any more. And when you stop wasting time you automatically become more focused. Your mind starts working better. Becomes more acute. You get more out of the time.
     So get to what's real and get there fast. That's where life is happening. That's where the magic is.

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