Monday, March 4, 2013

Just say yes.

      I don't know who said it first, but the saying is, 'There is a fine line between anxiety and excitement.' But if you look at that even closer, the issue is about change. The question is really: "How do you look at change?" I heard somebody say once, "If you want people to hate you, make 'em change." And there's a lot to that, isn't there? We get settled in our ways and don't want to change them. But ah, if we can look at change differently...

     ...we can open up a whole new world to ourselves. Because the people who embrace change are the people who win in this world. The people who regularly get out of their comfort zones. The people who say 'yes' to life's challenges.
     But I'm open to change, you say. Then I'll ask, 'how open?' Are you ready to go to the ends of the earth if that's where change leads you? Or are you just willing to dab your toe into the water? Order chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla?
     I believe the opportunities (or should I say challenges) to change are regularly presented to everyone. The level of change will be small at first and it will always be incremental. Life will always only offer you changes you can handle. But ah, as you start getting good at embracing change, those changes will grow exponentially.
     If you want a big life, embrace change. Not just once in a while. Don't think, well, there, I've done enough. No. Make change your way of life. Again, that's if you want a big life.
     Just tell the Universe you're game. Ask to know where your next challenge is. That's what I say all the time, "What's next?" Believe me, the Universe will show you. And believe me, as you embrace change, your capacity to handle more change will grow so rapidly— and soon you will be astounded at what you're doing in your life.
     All it takes is willingness. Don't say, 'I got bad breaks.' 'I never got the chance others did.' No, everybody gets the chance. You want it, take it. All it takes is willingness.
     Ask "What's next?" And when the answer comes, just say yes.

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