Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things not working out in your life? Yeah, you better give up.

     Like hell, you better! This is The Underdog's Corner. Remember, us underdogs are underdogs! (Talk about deep.) And this post I'm writing is for myself— because I need to hear it (I'm an underdog too), because things ain't working out in my life either. But see, the thing is I know the magic word. And the magic word is things ain't working out...
     And that's it. End of post. Ah, lol, you know me better than that. You know I can't quit that easily. (We're underdogs— we never quit!)
     And that's the message: don't quit. And this is no rah-rah, pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps spiel; this is pure logic, reason and fact.
     Tell me, what truly great thing is made in a short amount of time? The pyramids in Egypt? The Great Wall in China? The Taj Mahal? And there's your answer— nothing!
     The great cathedrals in Europe took centuries to build. And so your life is taking a while to work out. So what! Don't you give up.
     Now here's the logic part: there are some slabs of marble in Italy that when a quarryman takes a hammer and chisel to them, they do not crack ONE SINGLE BIT with say 99 HITS. But then with the 100th HIT, they split COMPLETELY. (How many hits have you logged in on your block of marble? You gonna give up when the next hit could crack it open completely? Swing the damn hammer again!)
     More logic. You're tunneling through a mountain. Man, (it's true) you've got a long way to go. So you keep tunneling and tunneling and tunneling and man, you are just about ready to die. You're cold. It's pitch black. You are exhausted. And do you know what? You may be just one more shovel away from breaking through to the other side. One more. Dig in with it!
     People have died in blizzards just feet from their homes. But that's not you. You ain't giving up, and I ain't either. Swing the damn hammer again! But you're tired. So am I, but I'm still swinging it, and if I can so can you.
     The academy award winning actress Angelica Huston was asked what she learned from her legendary father, director John Huston. She said her father taught her that the most important thing in life was to 'KEEP SWINGING THE BAT.'
     Now I don't know if you're in to baseball or not, it doesn't matter. But in baseball you don't want to leave that bat sitting on your shoulder as the third strike whizzes by you. NO, SWING THE DAMN THING— AND KEEP SWINGING IT!
     I swear to God if you do, you're gonna knock one out of the damn park!

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