Friday, March 29, 2013

Is it strange to be a human being or is it just me?

     You don't have to answer that. It's just we think it's so typical, so ordinary to be a human being. We take so much for granted. Personally I think it's very strange to be a human being. Take drives (hunger, thirst, sex). People don't think about it but it's strange stuff. It's like you've got an alien in your body pulling the strings.
     Like the sex drive. I don't see anything that phenomenally beautiful or attractive about the human body. Take other animals, like the peacock. Now there's some real beauty. Human beings are dullsville compared to peacocks. But we find each other attractive. (Well sometimes anyway.) And what's inherently attractive about the opposite sex? We don't even think about it. It's just like you accept these inner drives. "He's hot." "She's a babe." We're like zombies sometimes.
    Or how about the procreative aspect of the sex drive. The Bible commands us to procreate. So (and this is assuming the God of the Bible is the true and one and only God) God didn't trust us to obey his command, so he loaded us up with testosterone and estrogen? ("Well," God was thinking, "I'll give it to them just in case they don't obey.")
     Personally I resent the sex drive. For so many years it was an absolute slave driver in my life. I had no choice in it. Just this overpowering urge. It stunk. It's like, why do I have a mind if I'm to be overwhelmed by hormones? Yeah, definite resentment.
     Or hunger. Think about it. Every day. For the rest of your life you are drawn by this drive to find food and eat. And you can't say, 'Oh, I don't think I'll be hungry today.' Or 'Gee, I've been eating for so many years I think I'll take a year off.' Nope. That growl in your stomach is sending you to the refrigerator whether you like it or want it to or not.
    And we think it's all so normal the way we act, our habits, our rituals. Like clapping hands. It's a universal thing. We like what someone does and we clap our hands. It reminds me of penguins flapping their flippers against their sides. Do we even know why we're doing what we're doing?
     Watch a golf tournament. Someone makes a long putt on the last hole to win the tournament. What happens? Everybody raises their hands like referees signalling a touchdown in football. We're like automatons.  Does anybody ever think to say, 'Hey, we could find a new way of celebrating. Maybe let's bend our knees or swivel our heads. Or how about hopping.' To me raising hands or clapping is just as arbitrary.
     Or the way we dress. Especially the business suit. What is up with that? The business suit is utterly impractical. One of the most vulnerable part of the bodies (the throat area) is exposed (except for the tie— and what is up with the tie anyway, talk about impractical). The fabric is not warm. It's often very uncomfortable. And oh, the breast pocket must be a certain way and don't forget the buttonhole (with no button!) in (just) one of the lapels.
     And yet people wear them without thinking. And for how many years has the business suit as we know it been the only real choice for business people.
     People just don't think. They think they are living their lives, but they are really just being pushed and pulled by so many forces that they never consider.
     If you do start thinking about it, I think you'll agree that it's pretty strange to be a human being.

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