Thursday, March 21, 2013

You've got enough.

     Ever feel like you just don't have enough of what it takes to live successfully in this world? I feel that way sometimes. In fact, I've felt that way a lot in my life. But it's a fooler because whatever you've got to give is enough. Whatever you've got to give is perfect.
     But you say, 'What do I have to give that's so great?' Well, the answer to that is, 'Not that much really.'
     Okay, so am I talking out of both sides of my mouth here? No. Not at all. Because what you've got to give isn't necessarily that great on its own. It's what God, the Universe, the Soul (choose whichever you like here) can do with what you've got to give that makes it great, that makes it enough.
     There's a God. Believe me, I've had my agnostic, even my atheist days. I've had fellow believers think I was the anti-Christ himself. But all I can say is, there's a God. There's something that takes the paltry offerings we bring to it and turns it into something magnificent.
     It's the story of Jesus with the loaves and fishes. There were crowds numbering in the thousands. The people had been there all day and were fainting with hunger. Jesus asked his disciples if they had any food to give the crowd. They were like, 'Well, we've got a few loaves of bread and a few fishes.'
     You know the story. Jesus took what the disciples had and multiplied to feed the thousands. And that's really it— give God what you've got. And whatever you've got CAN'T BE TOO LITTLE, because all God asks of you is to give him what you've got. Then once you have done that, God can do ANYTHING with it. ANYTHING.
     So you've got enough, friend. You've got enough. You've got enough of what it takes to live successfully in this world and the next. Just give God what you've got. YOU CAN NOT FAIL. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.

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