Monday, March 25, 2013

Can we be "supermen" or "superwomen"?

     I think so. I met somebody, a very nice woman, on one of those dating sites. We corresponded a bit, were both interested in writing, so I ended up telling her about this blog. A couple of days later she wrote back and said she didn't think we were a good match and she didn't think it was healthy to try to live in a zone or be superman.
     Well, I disagree.
     I think we can live in that supernatural state above the ordinary human expectation. Most people think such a state is not even possible, let alone do they not seek it out. I think life itself is miraculous. Just think about it. When you see machines they have power cords or engines driving them. Where are our power cords or engines? No, life itself is magical. Life is God. And if we embrace that fact how can we not live "super"natural lives?
     Do I want to live in a zone and as "super"man.
     You bet I do.

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