Monday, April 1, 2013

You've got to hang.

     It's those last few seconds that make all the difference. Well, it's not always seconds. It could be minutes or months or years, but the principle is the same— hanging tough, especially when things are going against you. I don't understand why good things come when you hang tough when things are going against you, but I know that they do.
     Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

...I have only to endure. I am here to be worked upon.

     Sometimes that's all it takes— endurance, outlasting the other guy. But it's not easy to do, again especially when things are going against you.

     The Bible says:

By your endurance you shall gain your lives.

     Hanging tough is what it's all about. And an intrinsic part of hanging tough is not being able to see the rewards of doing so. It's flying blind, especially if things are going against you. When things are going against you, you're like, 'Why should I endure? All I'm doing is suffering here. I quit.' No! You should instead be thinking, 'Yes, this is so tough I feel like giving up. I am so stretched I can't take any more or I'll break, BUT I'm going to hang in there a few more seconds.'
     There's magic in that last mindset. So hang tough. Stick it out. Endure. Good things. Fantastic things will be your reward.

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