Monday, April 8, 2013

Are you afraid?

     Who isn't? It's the human condition to have fear. If you don't have fear in your life, you're not sane. The mentally ill and psychotic often have no fear. Be glad you have fear. It's part of life. But don't use fear as an excuse.
     It's so easy to rationalize our reasons to avoid something that is scary. It's easy because there are some times when we obviously do need to avoid doing certain thing because they are scary. The problem comes when we go to far with that avoidance.
     So is something you're facing scary? Are you scared? Welcome to the club. Phillip C. McGraw wrote in his book Life Strategies:

I want to know what gives you the right to sit on the sidelines because you're afraid. I know you went through a terrible ordeal, but that is no excuse to drop out. WE'RE ALL AFRAID. None of us knows what's going to happen tomorrow. (caps mine)

     Isn't it the truth? I don't know how many times I have justified my fear. 'I'm afraid. I'm only being smart by avoiding this.' And I can feel so self-righteous about it and in the process I can forget that everybody's afraid. It's not some special circumstance that shows up on my doorstep only. And that there are people out there taking big risks despite their fear. 
     So what's stopping me from doing the same thing? Answer—nothing.
     Fear will bury you if you let it. Get out there and live. Take some chances. That doesn't mean you have to be reckless or a daredevil, but just think about it: everything is a risk. You risk crossing the street. You risk driving your car. Yes, everything is a risk. If you wanted to be 100% safe you wouldn't be living.
     So fear is normal. Everybody is afraid. It's no big deal challenging your fears. EVERYBODY is doing it. It's time you joined the human race and did the same.

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