Monday, April 15, 2013

When nothing's going right.

     You know the feeling: no matter what you do, you run into one failure, one roadblock, one more disappointment after another after another after another. No easy answer for this one. It could be the old 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps' and although that's good advice to an extent, there's much more to it than that.
     See, you need a reason to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Because if you're thoroughly convinced that  one more failure awaits you, then you're NOT going to pull yourself up by the bootstraps or do much of anything else. I mean, we're not stupid. If we're just going to suffer, then we're (and rightly) like, Forget it.
     But the thing is, when things are going against us on the surface, there are invisible things taking place below the surface. Very valuable things. Things preparing us for success. Things changing our personalities, developing our characters.
     I  know it's hardly what you want to hear when you're really struggling, but it's true nonetheless. And if you're smart, you'll just say to yourself: 'This situation I'm in stinks and I feel like I want to quit but I know even if I can't discern it right now, something good is happening in me and I'm going to carry on until I break through to it.'
     Don't give in to disappointment and discouragement. Not because you should suffer needlessly but because if you endure through those down times you will get to the good times.


  1. When you encounter a great wall you know that you only have to find an openiking and a great expanse lies on the other side.


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