Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life as a series of shocks?

     Doesn't it seem that's the way life is sometimes? You go along and you're pretty stabilized, then pow! something knocks you out of the water. It's quite unsettling. Now I'm not just talking about once in a blue moon type shocks. Everybody gets those. I'm talking about shocks you get on a nearly daily basis.
     There must be some sort of a benefit to daily shocks. I get them regularly. I think the shock jars something in your mind. It opens it to new possibilities in a way that ordinary more gradual impact could not. And I don't think (if you're like me anyway) there's really any way to protect against those shocks. Actually I think if you really want to change and grow, Life will supply you with those regular shocks to facilitate that change and growth.
     It's like the notion of "bee stings." Sometimes we need something to jolt us out of the position we've gotten too comfortable in. Only the jolt of a bee sting is what will get us moving if we've become too deeply entrenched in a position.
     Of course, when the bee sting comes you're not like, 'Oh, lovely, Life is honoring my desire to change by sending me this bee sting.' No, you're like, 'Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!' lol
     But you do get the benefit from the shock. So yeah, you do have to kind of pay for it. But that's like anything in life.

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