Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Be a big empty cup.

     If you're an empty cup you can be filled up. If you're already full, there's no place for anything new. So don't be so full or sure of yourself that you're not open to new ideas or to help.  And if you want to take in a lot, you need to be a big cup. So work on building a bigger cup. Then make sure it's empty.
     I see life as a continuous emptying and refilling process. Picasso once said that when he walked through a forest one day, he became so "full" of green, that the next day he had to empty all of this green onto his canvas. That's it. Fill up, then pour it out. Don't hoard it. Then when you're empty, you can fill back up again. And the process goes on and on and on.
     And in the process of emptying and filling back up, your cup becomes bigger. In psychological terms, your consciousness expands. You're able to handle more, see more. It's like in chess. The more you play, the more acute your concentration, and the more acute your concentration, the more you "see" of the board. Same thing in life. You'll see more opportunities, be able to head off more problems.
     In many ways it's always the same old story: work on yourself, give. Then when you keep doing that, you will able to receive more and more.

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