Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Does God have a dream for us?

     And if he does, is it better than the one we have for ourselves? I was going through this little book called The Prayer of Jabez and I came across this:

Do we really understand how far the American Dream is from God's dream for us?

     That got me thinking.
     It  got me thinking: When it's all said and done, is the American Dream really that good of a deal anyway? Hustling, scrambling, making money, working long hours--and usually a big mortgage, big bills and big headaches.
     Back when I was a bum (okay, maybe not a bum per se but pretty close) I would play a lot of golf and tennis during the middle of the week. And if you do that, the golf courses and tennis courts are wonderfully wide open and very cheap. And when do the people living the American Dream use golf courses and tennis courts? Yep, on weekend when they're twice as expensive and jammed.
     One time I was flying back from Florida. As the jet was taking off I could see all these back yard swimming pools and then golf courses and tennis courts. Not a soul was in any of them. I thought to myself: I'm enjoying all these things that the people who paid for them aren't!
      Okay, so maybe the American Dream is not all it's cranked up to be, but does God have a dream for us?
      I  have to take a deep breath before answering this one, but I think He does. I say that because my personal experience bears it out.
     When I'm hustling on my own strength. When I'm in my 'conquer the world' mode. When it's all up to me. I really don't seem to get anywhere.
     Billy Graham wrote in a book called Peace with God:

The sense of physical impurity and physical immorality, the sense of hatred directed toward our fellow men, the awareness of our own inadequacy and frustration and OUR INABILITY TO ACHIEVE THE GOALS TO WHICH WE ASPIRE--these are the real reasons fro physical and mental illness. (caps mine)

     When I look to be led by God, there does seem to be an agenda for my life. There does seem to be real progress. And like the Graham book title, a sense of peace with God.
     So, yes, I think God does have a dream for us. And really, if the American Dream is our model, and we decide to see what God has for us, are we really giving up all that much? Really, I think it would be more accurate to say we'd be shedding a burden.
     I can say all I want to about it, but the only way you'll find out if God has a dream for your life is if you give him a try.

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