Monday, April 29, 2013

Are you simple?

     No, I'm not dissing you. lol The composer Chopin wrote:

Simplicity is the hardest thing. It is also the final thing.

     From a book called Living Deliberately by Harry Palmer:

A staggering amount of complexity and confusion began to dissolve into simplicity.

     And General Electric CEO,The  Jack Welch:

The important part for me was going down all the blind alleys, repeating myself, feeling frustrated, until I got to where it was simple. I'm a firm believer that simple is the most elegant thing one can be.

     So maybe being simple isn't such a bad thing. Being twisted and torn up by complexity certainly can't be a good thing. I think life is a progression from the complex to the simple. At first, problems overwhelm us. We can't figure things out. Then, little by little, we make inroads. What used to overwhelm is now merely difficult. And then, with continued persistence, what was difficult becomes less so. And on and on until it becomes downright simple. 
     So don't let complex problems, unsolved questions, mystery slow you down. Keep banging into them, because the end result is that the beauty of simplicity awaits you.

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