Friday, April 19, 2013

I've always been a loner.

    I figured I could do everything on my own. And it worked pretty well for a while. Like I said "for a while." Then I ran into some problems I couldn't fix on my own, and that's when a lifetime of being a loner really worked against me because I still tried to do everything on my own even though I needed help. Now I'm quick to embrace help and really see the benefit of NOT going it alone.

     I just happened to look at this book as I sat down to do this. It has the hokey title of The Master Key to Riches. It's by Napoleon Hill. The book talks about the importance of relationships and the synergy they can bring. Hill calls it "the Master Mind Principle."  He writes:

"One's major purpose must be backed up and followed through by continuous effort, the most important part of which consists in the sort of relationship one maintains with others." (italics his)

     Just recently I've been in situations where I've been pretty stuck in my work life. And yes, maybe I could've pulled myself out of those holes by myself. But  instead I ran into some people who really helped me along the path. What they helped me with would have taken me 100 times as long to do on my own. It's been just awesome. And I've been mostly the taker in these situations, so lately I've been looking to give back.
     Yeah, before it was just my fragile ego, afraid to say: "I need help." Or "I want help." Then if I avoided all help, then that fragile ego could  say: "All the glory is mine."
     Now I'm not so stupid any more. I  know people can help me IMMENSELY, and I'm not ashamed to ask for their help, take it when offered, give credit for the help received—and more and more give help too.

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