Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're all the same.

     Haven't you ever thought to yourself: 'Gee, how come I'm like this?' Or 'How come my family was at such a disadvantage that I couldn't do the things other people did?' Or 'Why couldn't I have the talent or the looks or the brains of so and so?' Or 'I'm so different than others. I just don't fit in.'
     Although I've spent most of my life thinking that way, I can tell you that this sort of thinking is absolutely false. Life's not as mysterious as it seems. There are no superpowers out there. People all have the same flesh and blood, the same fears, desires and dreams. The only difference is in the degree.
     So you're no freak that can't figure life out. If you can't figure life out, rest assured that everybody eles can't figure it out either. Again, it's just a matter of degree. Are you scared? So is everybody else. Lonely? Yep, everybody else is too because ultimately we're all alone.
     So take the pressure off your shoulders. You're just like everybody else. There is no mysterious blockade preventing you from living fully, from succeeding. You were born without your knowledge and you'll die against your will, just like everybody else.
      So don't fall for the trap of 'I'm different.' Or 'I just don't have what it takes.' No. You're human so by definition you have what it takes to be a human being on this planet. Don't sweat it. What you're thinking, feeling, dreading, enjoying, anticipating every other human being is too. We're all the same.


  1. Thanks for reminding me of this.

  2. Those differences in degree can be large. Any comment?

  3. Sure, I agree those differences in degree may be large, but I think the similarities are even larger, and to be psyched out thinking others have something we don't (and care never attain) is spurious and counterproductive. Recently there have been books, studies, on how "genius" is much more a result of effort and time than it is of in-born ability.


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